Enrique Martín Álvarez set up IBIDEM Abogados in Elche, in 1991, as a law firm specialising in the registration of Patents and Trademarks, along with Industrial Property and Intellectual Property management.

It has evolved over nearly thirty years of its professional track record to increase the services available and to satisfy the needs of its clients, who are becoming increasingly more internationalized. Now it is an expert law firm specializing in Corporate, Market and Competition Law.

This has been achieved thanks to a multidisciplinary team of professionals who can provide for all the areas of the value chain that cover the delivery of products and services to the market. We also have a legal boutique specialized in Industrial Property (patents and trademarks).

At Ibidem Abogados we make the Law a strategic tool that is at the service of our clients.


To provide the best professional service to our clients to promote their business activities and defend their interests anywhere in the world, with the criteria of professionalism and in order to create the maximum value.


We aspire to be a law firm that provides strategic legal intelligence services in areas that are becoming increasingly more decisive for business development such as Corporate, Market and Competition Law, as well as Intellectual and Industrial Property Law.


Our law firm has been in business for more than 25 years, with a team of professionals who stay true to the values that govern their behaviour, which are:


For our law firm it means having highly qualified professionals to successfully carry out the training in foreign languages, who focus their efforts on attaining the objectives established. 


We act with precision, integrity and respect for the laws, people and their values.


We are committed to promoting the sustainable development of our environment to contribute to sustainability.


We acknowledge the value of people, their professional and personal skills and we want the loyalty of those who show it to join our team.


We believe that everyone should have the same opportunities to develop their professional careers with the only limit on them being their own talent and efforts.


We search for creative solutions to problems that are becoming increasingly more complex.


Our main credential is the outstanding qualifications and experience of our professionals, which is consolidated by a methodology of excellence in providing services with high added value. 


We respect Human Rights, labour standards and the anti-corruption laws. We support social causes to prevent the exclusion of the most underprivileged and we sponsor sport and cultural activities.


Ibidem is aware that the CSR principles can be used to transform the business and society. We therefore try and run our business on the basis of managing the impact that our work has on our clients, employees, shareholders, local communities and society in general.

The CSR good practices include getting a good work-life balance.

  • We promote female talent and equal opportunities, with a management and leadership team that is made up of men and women, which focuses on brainstorming to build an inclusive culture inside and outside the firm.
  • We have created an internal recycling programme and we advocate the use of renewable energy in the company.
  • We are involved in an initiative that provides educational help to children with learning difficulties and we have donated a robot to the scheme to help them with their communication skills and development.


It is a research project that is promoted by Ibidem, to celebrate our 25th anniversary. The Chair Pedro Ibarra, the Museo de Pusol and the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, together with a team of professionals are all working on it together and their objective is to publicise the last 125 years of the economic history of Elche, which is told through the industrial property.

A book has been published about the history of the most important companies from Elche in the world of industrial property, conferences have been organized and interviews have been carried out with distinguished entrepreneurs that are published in the online newspaper Alicante Plaza.


Ibidem Abogados is part of an international network of independent law firms with proven professionalism and they have been carefully selected to guarantee its clients immediate quality advice anywhere in the world.

We provide all-round services in all areas of corporate and business law, we also provide our clients with excellent legal quality, a strategic outlook enhanced by extensive experience in business support.

Our international know-how enables us to come up with specific solutions and quotes adapted to the requirements of each client with:

  • Quality in the processing of all the subject matters for which the service is provided.
  • Plan and follow-up all the cases with a regular feed-back policy with the client for the decision-making.
  • Efficient coordination of the professionals of the different areas that are involved in a case, as well as the different offices associated with multinational issues.



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