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1.- Legal Information.

Pursuant to the Law 34/2002, dated the 11 th of July, on Information Society Services and e-Commerce, the data identifying the owner of the website is as follows:


C/ Juan de la Cierva, 43 – 2º local 1-1.
Elche Parque Empresarial

03203 Elche


Companies Register of ALICANTE – Volume: 3311, Register: 0, Page: 190, Section: 8, Sheet: A 113535, Entry or note: 1 st / Date: 23/07/2008

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2.- General Conditions of Use.

These General Conditions govern the use and access to the Website, which is intended to be a gateway to IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P. and provide users with information, services and content via the Web. Through the website, the User gains access  to information about specific products and services, tools and applications.

The data and information about products or services, prices and characteristics or other relevant data supplied through the website are created, supplied and updated by suppliers and third party companies. IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P is not, under any circumstances whatsoever, responsible for this data or information, nor does it assume any type of obligation concerning these.

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If the User fails to comply with all or some of these General Conditions of Use, IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P is entitled to deny access to its website without havingto give prior notice of such to the User.

3.- General Obligations of the User.

When the User accepts the General Conditions of Use, they agree:

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– Not use any of the materials or information contained in this Website for illegal purposes, which are specifically prohibited in the General Conditions of Use, or in the specific conditions, where appropriate, which are established for certain applications and/or uses, and which are contrary to the rights and interests of IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P, its users and/or third parties.

– Not supply or distribute products and services, or send advertising or marketing messages that have not been requested to other Users and visitors of the website of IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P.

Users shall be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered by IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P or any third party as a result of failing to comply with any of the obligations that they are subject to as a result of these “General Conditions of Use” or the law concerning the access and/or use of the website.

4.- Intellectual and Industrial Property.

The website, the pages included in it and the information or the elements contained in them (including texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphic representations, among other things), as well as logos, trademarks, trade names or other distinctive signs, are protected by intellectual or industrial property rights of IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P. that is authorised by the legitimate owners of such to use and publicise them.

Users must use the content in a diligent and correct manner, pursuant to the law, morals and public order. IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P authorises Users to see the information contained in this website, as well as make private copies of such (simple downloading and storing it in their computer systems), as long as the elements are meant for personal use only. Under no circumstances whatsoever does this stand for authorization or a licence on the property rights of IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P or the legitimate owners of these.

Users are not authorized to distribute, modify, transfer or publicise information contained in this Website in any way and for whatever purpose.

5.- Links.

The connections and links to third party Websites or pages have only been established as a tool for Users. IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P. cannot, under any circumstances whatsoever, be held responsible for these or their content.

IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P. cannot be held responsible for any links that exist between the content of this website and the content located outside of it or any other mention of content outside this website. These links or references are meant for information purposes only and under no circumstance whatsoever, do they imply the support, approval, marketing or any type of relationship between IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P and the individuals or entities that have created and/or manage this content or the owners of the websites where this content can be found.

To establish links with the Website the specific written authorization from the owners of the Website is required.

6.- Responsibility.

IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P does not guarantee that the elements or information contained in the pages of the website can be continually accessed, downloaded or used correctly because they might be hindered, obstructed or interrupted by factors or circumstances beyond its control, even those that are produced by computer viruses online.

IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss, harm, claims or expenses produced by:

(i) Interference, interruptions, faults, failures, delays, blockages or disconnections, caused by errors in the telecommunications lines and networks or which are due to anything else that is beyond the control of IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P.

(ii) Unlawful interference by means of using any type of malware and through any type of media, such as computer viruses or any other type of virus;

(iii) Inappropriate use or misuse of the IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P. website.

(iv) Security flaws or browsing errors produced by the browser not working properly or due to out-of-date versions being used.

IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P cannot be held responsible or liable by users or third parties for the acts of third parties that are not related to IBIDEM ABOGADOS ESTRATEGAS S.L.P. which involves or might imply acts of unfair competition and illegal advertising or the violation of the intellectual and industrial property rights, trade secrets, contractual obligations of any kind, the rights to honour, personal and family privacy and freedom from injury to reputation, property rights and any other type of right that a third party has due to the transfer, dissemination, storage, supply, receiving, obtaining or accessing content.

7.- Personal Data Protection.

The whole personal data processing policy can be found in the Privacy Policy, which is part of these General Conditions, although to make it easier, we have included it in a separate document: Privacy Policy.

8.- Legislation.

This Disclaimer along with its terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Spanish Law. When an individual visits the website or registers as a user of it, they give their irrevocable consent that the Courts and Tribunals of Elche can be informed of any legal action taken that is due to or associated with these conditions or with their use of this Website or them browsing around it.

If any clause or section of these General Conditions, which is not essential for it to exist, is declared to be null and void, the other clauses shall not be affected and they shall continue to be valid.