Business reputation is the most valuable, but also the most fragile, of business assets. Our services include:

  • Personal or corporate reputation audit.
  • Monitoring of reputation incidents (offline and online).
  • Reputational “Situation Room”, which includes the services of spokesperson, press cabinet and legal cabinet.
  • Creation and protection of the personal brand of celebrities, artists and athletes.

Our legal services cover the civil and criminal defense of the right to honour, personal and family privacy and self-image, as well as for the exercise of the right of rectification.

In the area of business secrecy, we implement specific policies and protocols to securely manage the traceability of confidential information, from the conditions of recruitment of critical personnel (managers, researchers, etc.) to exit protocols. We also design general policies that we agree and implement in companies and review the strength of contracts with an important component of know-how transfer (such as Joint Venture, Task Force, NdA, Material Transfer Contracts or MTA, etc.).


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