At our IP (Intellectual Property) boutique, we strive to create more efficient and cost-effective record portfolios, capable of maintaining their financial and market value over time. Our approach is not to sell volume (of records, competitions or other formalities), but to build well-sized and effective portfolios.

Our training in the field of litigation allows us to build the portfolios with the success of a possible judicial procedure in mind: titles that cannot be defended before the Courts are of no use. Therefore, we prefer that customers invest only in those means of legal reaction that are really useful.


  • Within the agency area, we have extensive experience in the creation of international brand portfolios, aligned with the branding strategy of companies and the various elements of their marketing mix, applying the exclusive methodology NameTesterø .
  • Our competences include advising on brands creation: naming and on Fashion Law and its protection, surveillance and maintenance worldwide.


In the area of patent research, we make patentability reports to properly target R&D&i towards protected innovations, but we also make NiO (“non infringement opinion”, on patent infringement) and FtO opinions (“freedom to operate”, on legal risks to the marketing of certain products).

Our services in the area of patents include the careful writing of memoirs. These are documents of equivalent value to the deed of ownership of immovable property, because they delimit the scope of the patent right conferred on the owner. For this reason, our memoirs are always written by a team that includes an engineer specialized in the field of the concrete technique of invention and an industrial property lawyer. This is logical, because patents are certainly granted on technical innovations, but they are essentially legal titles, the defence of which is carried out in the Courts and whose validity depends mainly on the work of judges and lawyers.

To speed up the work and guarantee the quality of the memories, whenever necessary we go to the customer’s premises. Our partners are specialized patent engineers in the various areas and are bound by specific confidentiality agreements.

We also process patents (or utility models), both at the SPTO – if international priority law is to be used to schedule investments in registries- and at the international PCT phase and at national and regional offices (like the European Patent Office) worldwide.

In addition to registration protection, our services include:

  • Administrative Defense before the competent Industrial Property.
  • Administrations (contests, oppositions, appeals, actions for nullity or revocation).
  • Maintenance of industrial property rights worldwide (renewals, annuities).
  • Monitoring services for conflicting applications in all national and international registries, including domain names. Watching services on the Internet.
  • Specialized translation services.
    Customs Defense.

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